Did you know that 99% of Americans make less than 300k a year. #FunFactFriday

"The spirit of the coward rules most."

Charles Scott

"Because of Ignorance, my people are suffering."



We live in societies that are only a few generations removed from the belief that children and women were property. And not much farther removed from so called “civilized societies” that saw nothing wrong with slavery and genocide.

Human beings have been being abused in all ways, including emotionally, by the belief systems of Patriarchal, Spiritually hostile (hostile to the idea that we are all connected and have equal Divine worth), emotionally dishonest civilizations for many generations.


Robert Burney, (via f0rthel0veofanimals)

If a man has his children during the week and the mother only has them on the weekend, should he be required to pay child support? I know men raising their kids and the mothers have visitation and they are nice enough not to make the women pay them support, even though they technically should be.

~ Cuts to food stamps will only hit 4 states

~ Report: China Hacked Defense Contractors 20 Times in One Year

"Discipline your Disappointments."


~ Chris Brown to Ray Rice: 'It's all about how you push forward' | Story | Wonderwall


Did you know that an Electric Eel is not an Eel. Its actually a catfish. #FunFactFriday