"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind."

Dr. Seuss (via psych-facts)

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Three reasons people stay broke:

Three reasons people stay broke:

          1) Being Dumb
          2) Being Scared
          3) Being Lazy

All Points Bulletin: 8th Grade Drinking Problem

You should start talking to your child about the dangers of alcohol by age 12. If you see many of these signs and symptoms all at once, your child may have a drinking problem:

  • Mood Changes: bad temper, arguing, being defensive.
  • School Problems: not going, low grades, always getting in trouble.
  • Breaking Family Rules.
  • Switching Friends and not wanting you to meet their new friends.
  • A “nothing matters” attitude: looks sloppy, stops doing things he or she used to enjoy, low energy overall.
  • Finding Alcohol: in your child’s room or backpack, smelling alcohol on his/her breath
  • Physical or Mental Problems: memory or concentration issues, bloodshot eyes, lack of coordination, slurred speech.

Call 866-719-6032 to learn how to talk to your child about alcohol.


A new series of entries named A.P.B aka All Points Bulletin.on the way!!!!

~ An 8th Grade Metal Band Landed Million Dollar Record Deal

"Oh me, oh me, oh my, I’m in the sky/I think I’m high I’m stupid high, Oh yeah I’m fried"

Halim Azhar


Did you the know that 8 out of 100 8th graders have said that they binged on alcohol in the last two weeks. #FunFactFriday